Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer

Three Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer

Three cylinder sand dryers, commonly known as efficient combined three cylinder drum dryer, BH three cylinder rotaty dryer uses the latest European energy saving technology, with embedded type structure. Inner cylinder, middle cylinder and outer cylinder form a self insulation structure. Thermal insulation material and stainless steel plate covered the drum, which effectively reduce heat loss, to improve the thermal efficiency. 

Three Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer
Description of three cylinder rotary sand dryer:
BH three-cylinder dryer has improved the original single drum dryer internal structure, increase into the machine before the wet material in the drying and prolong the drying time of the wet material in the machine, plus seal, moisturizing and reasonable supporting measures, make the dryer production capacity increase 50-80% compared with the original single drum dryer, unit volume evaporation intensity of up to 120-180 kg/m3, the standard coal consumption for 6 to 8 kg/t only. Its advanced technology, reasonable operation parameters, simple and feasible operation.
BH Three cylinder rotary sand dryer used in dry mortar plant
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This three cylinder sand dryer is mainly used for drying certain humidity granular materials, such as yellow sand used in the industries of dry mortar, river sand, quartz sand, garnet sand, as well as use of all kinds of green sand casting industry, building materials industry of blast furnace slag cement, granular viscous soil, no chemical reaction materials, with high temperature resistance in the chemical industry.
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1. It adopt latest anti-wear technology and special materials.
   More than 8 mm thickness,greatly improve the service life.
2, Coal consumption is only 1/3 of the single cylinder dryer,
   power consumption is lower 40% than single cylinder drum dryer.
3, The fuel can be coal, oil, natural gas etc, dry mass and granule and
   powder material. 
4, Unique design in constructure with patent right. no air leakage phenomenon,
   solved the sealing difficulties. 
5, It use roller wheel transmission instead of gear transmission so that improve
   the service life
6, Discharge temperature ≤ 60 degrees , which can be directly go to storage silo,
   no need for cooling.
7, Outer barrel temperature ≤60 degrees, exhaust smoke temperature < 120
   degrees, dust removal bag prolonged service time more than 2 times.
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Working principle of three cylinder sand dryer:
Three cylinder sand dryer working flow: wet material enter into inner rotary drum through the feeding device, realize the downstream drying, inner material constantly grabbed, scattered under the lift board in a spiral rolling movement to realize heat exchange, move move to the other side of the lining material into the middle, counter-flow drying, material in the middle are constantly repeated Yang into, is marching into two steps forward and one back, material in the middle is fully absorb heat coming from the inner cylinder, and absorb the middle roller heat and prolong the drying time again at the same time, dry material in the best condition. Material to the middle at the other end and into the outer material within the outer cylinder rectangular loop travel more, the content of dry effect of material under the action of hot air travel fast discharge roller, did not achieve drying effect of wet material because of the weight can't advance rapidly, the material in this rectangular copy board to fully dry, dry end.
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BH Sand Dryer Successful Projects:
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Model Cylinder
Capacity (t/h) Motor 
Coal consumption(kg/t) Weight(Ton)
slag Fly ash sand
BHS623 1.8 2.2 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 1-3 1-3 3-5 4 7 8
BHS625 2.2 2.6 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 4-7 3-4 5-8 5.5 7 14
BHS6210 2.6 3.1 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 10-13 5-8 10-15 7.5 7 17
φ2.0×6 2 6 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 20-25 10-17 20-27 7.5×2 7 25
φ2.5×6.5 2.5 6.5 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 25-30 17-21 25-40 11×2 7 32
φ2.7×7 2.7 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 30-35 20-25 27-45 7.5×4 7 35
φ3.0×7 3 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 35-40 23-27 30-45 7.5×4 7 38
φ3.2×7 3.2 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 40-45 25-30 35-50 11×4 7 43
φ3.6×8 3.6 8 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 50-65 30-45 55-75 15×4 7 57
φ4.2×8.5 4.2 8.5 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 70-85 45-63 75-99 18.5×4 7 77



Packing and delivery

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1, HS code can be supplied to you for checking importing tax in your country.
2, Standard export packaging by container, which should be applicable to international requirement.
3, Big size equipment will be fixed by steel wire, while small ones together with spare parts will be packed into wooden boxes.
4, Standard configuration: 1X40HQ for 1 set 5t/h sand dryer.
Usually by sea, sometimes by land, air.
Delivery time: 15 days after deposit arrived.


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