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BH Clients Visited Factory for the Cooperations

Sincerely thank you for coming, this is an opportunity for us to communicate and build a closer relationship with you.


1.  As a leading manufacturer of building materials and equipment, we are committed to providing excellent products and quality services.

2.  Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit, customers can rest assured that we can achieve long-term development.

3.  Therefore, we attach great importance to your purchase experience, and we very much welcome to visit our factory to confirm that the equipment we provide is the best choice for you.

4.  We will provide full service for your visit, including free pick-up service, drop-off service, etc., to create a comfortable inspection trip for you.


The following are some customer visit information. 

Visiting photos


BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd

 ·Client: Construction materials producer from Zimbabwe

 ·Backdrop: Existing 3-4 TPH dry mortar production line.

 ·Proposal: Upgrading the existing plant.

 ·Visit time: May 2023

 ·Follow up: 10-15TPH sand vibrating screen is under final negotiation.

BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd

 ·Client: Building material manufacturer from Sri Lanka

 · Backdrop: Existing cement prefabricated plant. Intended to build a dry mortar plant.

 ·Proposal: 25TPH tile adhesive production line.

 ·Visit time: May 2019

 · Follow up: Ordered a 25TPH tile adhesive production line, which put into production in November 2019.

BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd

 ·Client: Building material mfrs. and MC from Nigeria

 ·Proposal: 15TPH waterproof mortar production line

 ·Visit time: June 2017

 ·Follow up: Ordered a 15TPH waterproof mortar plant, which put into production in November 2017. And repurchase dry mortar inspection equipment.

BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd

 ·Client: Building materials supplier from Malaysia

 ·Proposal: New TPH50 masonry mortar production line

 ·Visit time: August 2017

 ·Follow up: Ordered a 50TPH masonry mortar plant, which put into production in March 2018. Followed up with many cooperations.


1.  You are welcome to visit our factory. Our dry powder mortar production line, production process, product quality and our commitment to sustainable development will surely satisfy you.

2.  During the period of global new crown pneumonia, customers' factory visits were restricted by the entry and exit control rules at that time, and they visited the factory wirelessly.

3.  If you want to know about online transaction cases during this period, please browse our case page.

4.  If you have any questions or needs about our products, services or any other aspect, please feel free to contact our professional team.

5.  We will do our best to provide you with comprehensive support and hope to achieve business success together with you.



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