Automatic Plaster Mix Plant

Automatic Plaster Mix PlantAutomatic Plaster Mix PlantAutomatic Plaster Mix PlantAutomatic Plaster Mix Plant

Automatic Plaster mix plant is applied to produce plaster for house building or wall construction.

We will provide you with professional customized solutions, high production efficiency.

Mixer: BHSW6000 (two mixers)

Processing capacity:120-150T/H


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Automatic Plaster Mix PlantAutomatic Plaster Mix PlantAutomatic Plaster Mix PlantAutomatic Plaster Mix Plant
Introduction of Automatic Plaster Mix Plant

1.  BH has over 27 years of expertise in automatic plaster mix plant.

2.  We offer a comprehensive range of one-stop services, from project design to equipment manufacturing and training.

3.  Our services include premix production line, packing and palletizing plant, drying plant, crushing plant, and bulk storage silos.


Applications of Automatic Plaster Mix Plant

The plaster mix plant widely used in production of below dry mortar:

1.  Binding mortar: tile adhesive, joint mixture, Special adhesive mortar for thermal insulation composite system, etc.

2.  Plastering mortar: exterior wall coating mortar, putty, color decoration mortar, thermal insulation mortar, etc.

3.  Masonry mortar: ordinary masonry mortar, Special thin mortar for concrete block, thermal insulation masonry mortar, etc.

4.  Floor mortar: ordinary floor mortar, Self-leveling mortar, etc.

5.  Special mortar: repair mortar, waterproof mortar, hardening powder, etc.


Features of Automatic Plaster Mix Plant

1.  Efficient: Equipped with a high-efficient mixer, achieving a mixing ratio of up to 1:10000 and approximately 30% higher mixing efficiency compared to traditional dual-axis mixers.

2.  Energy-saving: Designed with a more scientific equipment layout, resulting in a 20% energy reduction.

3.  Intelligent: Adopting advanced automatic control system and intelligent equipment, the process of feeding, screening, weighing, packaging and palletizing other processes has realized automatic operation.

4.  User-friendly: The operation interface and intelligent control system are intuitive, easy to learn and operate.

5.  Accurate: Precise and stable weighing system ensures the stability.

6.  Reliable: Fine steel is carefully crafted to ensure the quality of the equipment and the stability of the production process.

7.  Flexible: It can be adjusted and customized according to different mortar formulas and production requirements to meet diverse application requirements.


Advantages of Automatic Plaster Mix Plant Compared to Other Manufacturers

1.  Design Standards: Exceeds industry standards, ensuring product quality control from the machine design stage.

2.  Production Standards: Adopts British standards for manufacturing, offering equipment with better wear resistance and durability.

3.  Control System: Utilizes Siemens control system for stable and reliable hardware performance. Self-developed software program incorporates IOT technology for remote equipment debugging.

4.  Convenient Service: Arranges on-site installation and commissioning by local technical teams, facilitating customer communication,response quickly.



Dry Mortar Plant

Structure Type

Mixer Model






Batching and packaging






Large scale Dry Mortar Production Line
premix mortar plant BHSW4000 4m³ 35-45t/h 140-170kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging 120-180m² 25m ≥4
BHSW6000 6m³ 35-75t/h 150-180kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging ≥300m² 35m ≥4
BHSW10000 10m³ 80-120t/h 160-200kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging ≥300m² 35m ≥4
Workshop Type Dry Mortar Production Line
tile grout manufacturing plant BHE2000 2m³ 5-8t/h 47kw Manual batching & Automatic packaging 30m² 6m ≥3
dry premix plant BHSW2000 2m³ 10-15t/h 60-80kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging 50-60m² 9m ≥4
BHSW3000 3m³ 15-25t/h 80-110kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging 60-80m² 9.5m ≥4
BHSW4000 4m³ 25-35t/h 100-150kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging 80-100m² 10m ≥4
Simple Dry Mortar Production Line
simple dry mortar plant


(horizontal ribbon)


1-4t/h  18kw  Manual batching & Automatic packaging  20m² 3.2m   ≥3 
improved simple dry mix plant BHE2000 2m³ 4-5t/h 35.5kw Manual batching & Automatic packaging 20m² 4.2m ≥3


Component/Working Principle

Components of BH Automatic Plaster Mix Plant





Sand Drying system

 •    Single cylinder dryer or three-cylinder sand dryer.

 •    Discharge moisture content below 0.5%.


sand dryer of dry mortar production line


Dust Removal system

 •    High-efficiency pulse dust collector with chamber-stop air-stop pulse jet technology.

 •    Higher cleaning intensity and more even distribution of inlet and outlet airflow.

 •    Dust collectors are installed at each dust emission point on the production line to ensure environmental protection.

 •    The dust emission concentration is reduced to as low as 10 mg/Nm³.


dust collector of automatic dry mortar plant


Screening system

 •    High efficiency and stability with a screening efficiency of up to 85%.

 •    Quick access cover and self-cleaning system.

 •    Maintenance-free operation.


screening machine of dry mix plant


Weighing system

 •    Accurate, stable, and reliable.

 •    Unique frequency conversion feeding technology for higher measurement accuracy.


weighing system of dry mixer machine


Mixing system

 •    Advanced twin shaft agravic paddle mixer and plough mixer.

 •    Core patented technology:frequency conversion technology and sealing technology.

 •    High material mixing uniformity with a mixing ratio of 1:10000.

 •    High efficiency and energy-saving, reducing 25%.

 •    High wear resistance and longer lifespan.


mixer of premix mortar plant


Bulk storage system

 •    Dust removal equipment in the upper part prevents dust leakage.

 •    Arch breaking device in the lower part prevents material agglomeration for smooth powder discharge.

 •    Uniquely reinforced top for waterproof, moisture-proof, environmentally friendly, and reliable operation.


bulk storage silo of tile glue making machine


Packaging system

 •    Rich experience for complete automatic packaging palletizing production line.

 •    Various packaging machines available for different mortar packaging needs.


packaging machine of dry mortar machine


Bulk loading system

 •    prevents separation of finished mortar during loading.

 •    Prevent dust leakage and protect the on-site environment.

 •    Fast and efficient automated loading for increased productivity.

 •    Ensure loading accuracy and prevent material waste.


bulk loading system of dry mortar production line


Smart computer control system

 •    Special remote-control system, intelligent self-correction.

 •    Fault warning patent for security assurance and reliability.

 •    Report classification and summary query function.


control system of tile adhesive mixing machine


Product service

 •    Customized services for scientific solutions and high-quality products.

 •    Technical support hotline: 7*24h hotline for equipment questions and assistance.

 •    After-sales service team: Dedicated team for timely customer support.

 •    Maintenance Manual: Clear instructions, regular reminders for optimal equipment performance and longevity.

Flow chart of dry mortar plant


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