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Raymond mill

Raymond millRaymond millRaymond millRaymond mill

BH Raymond Mill is a new-generation, highly efficient closed-circuit fine grinding equipment, making it the optimal choice for grinding various materials into ultrafine powder.


Raymond millRaymond millRaymond millRaymond mill
Raymond Mill Introduction

Operating within a sealed system, this grinding mill ensures optimal efficiency and precise particle control.

The synergistic collaboration between the analyzer and fan enables the mill to meet diverse requirements with accuracy and reliability.


Applications of Raymond Mill

BH Raymond Mill is primarily used for the powder processing of mineral materials in industries such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, and mining.

 It can effectively grind non-flammable and explosive materials with a moisture content below 6%, including marble, phosphate ore, slag, fly ash, coke, gypsum, and more.

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Advantages of Raymond Mill
1)  The vertical structure of the entire plant ensures strong system integration and occupies a small footprint. It functions as an independent production system, encompassing material crushing, grinding, and packaging.

2)  With a pass rate of 99%, BH Raymond Mill surpasses other grinding mills in terms of efficiency.

3)  The main transmission system employs a sealed gear unit and pulleys, guaranteeing stable operation and reliable performance.

4)  Premium-quality cast steel materials are used for key components, ensuring durability and longevity.

5)  The centralized control of the electrical system achieves a high degree of automation, eliminating the need for on-site personnel in the control room.

6)  Equipped with a highly efficient dust collector, the mill prevents dust leakage, maintaining a clean working environment.


Advantages of Raymond Mill compared to ball mill

1) Raymond Mill produces finer particle size of powder.

2) Raymond Mill produces more uniform powder compared to ball mill.

3) Raymond Mill has a smaller footprint than ball mill.

4) Raymond Mill is suitable for processing non-metallic minerals with Mohs hardness below 7, such as gypsum, limestone, calcite, talc, kaolin, coal, etc.



  3R1410 3R2115 3R2615 3R2714 4R2714 3R3016 4R3016 4R3216 5R4119

Feed Size


5-8 15 20 20 15-25 15-25 15-25 25 30

Output Size


0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044



1-10 1-18 2-25 2-28 3-30 3-34 3-36 3-38 6-76

Shaft Speed


280 180 170 170 170 178 178 130 105

Mill Inner Diam


Φ405 Φ640 Φ780 Φ830 Φ830 Φ910 Φ910 Φ970 Φ1280

Rotor Diam


Φ140 Φ210 Φ260 Φ270 Φ270 Φ300 Φ300 Φ320 Φ410

Roller Ring Height


100 150 150 140 140 160 160 160 190

Main Motor


Y160M-6-7.5 Y200L-8-15 Y225S-8-18.5 Y255M-8-18.5 Y225M-8-22 Y225M-8-30 Y225M-8-30 Y225S-4-37 Y280S-4-75


Blower Motor


Y132S-4-5.5 Y132M-4-11 Y180M-4-15 Y180M-4-18.5 Y180M-4-18.5 Y180L-4-22 Y180L-4-22 Y220M-4-30 Y25M-4-55




Y90L-6-2.2 Y112M-6-2.2 Y112M-6-2.2 Y112M-6-2.2 Y112M-6-2.2 Y132S-6-3KW Y132S-6-3KW YC1200-4A-5.5 YC1200-4B-7.5


Component/Working Principle
Components of Raymond Mill
Raymond Mill consists of a jaw crusher, elevator, hopper, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, main unit, classifier, collector, dust collector, and high-pressure fan.

 Elastic Connection Device

 Protective Cover Ring Device

 Advanced Jaw Crusher Technology

Elastic Connection Device

Protective Cover Ring Device

Advanced Jaw Crusher Technology

·Unique design of elastic connection device between main unit and classifier

· Reduces vibration and noise

· Prolongs equipment's lifespan

·Protective cover ring device prevents direct contact between materials and drum shaft. Minimizes shaft wear

· Inhibits dust from entering the shaft

· Extends the service life of the shaft

· Deep crushing chamber, no dead zones

· Increased material feeding capacity and output

·Low noise operation

·Minimal dust emissions

Working Principle of Raymond Mill
1) Crushing: Large materials crushed by jaw crusher

2) Material handling: Bucket elevator lifts crushed materials to hopper

3) Feeding: Vibrating feeder delivers materials to grinding chamber

4) Grinding: Powder rises with airflow in grinding chamber

5) Classification: Classifier separates desired fineness powder

6) Collection: Powder collected and separated in collector through pipeline

7) Discharge: Finished product discharged through discharge valve

8) Airflow circulation: Sealed negative pressure airflow circulation system

9) Clean environment: Airflow drawn into blower through return pipe ensures cleanliness

10) Particle size: Final particle size between 613 microns and 440 microns (0.613mm-0.044mm)

Components of Raymond MillWorking Principle of Raymond Mill


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