Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Pallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Automatic stretch pallet wrapping machines work process is using stretch film to wrap goods which load on the pallet, the stretch film provides extra support while the products being transported or stocked so that they do not tip, spill, or otherwise damage. It is widely used in chemical industry, electronic industry, building materials, home appliances, paper making, food stuff & drink etc, especially the container goods transportation in foreign trade.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

The automatic pallet winding packaging machine is suitable for container transportation of bulk goods and packaging of bulkpallets. Tray winding packaging machine is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, paper making,ceramics, chemical industry, food, beverage, building materials and other industries. It can improve the logistics efficiency,reduce the loss during transportation, has the advantages of dustproof, moisture-proof, and reduce packaging costs. It is a packaging equipment that improves the packaging level of products.




1. All-metal body, strong and durable (the column adopts arc design, beautiful and practical, more stable operation, heavy load, reasonable structure and more durable)
2. Simple operation (remote control switch, automatic start, automatic operation, complete packaging process)
3. Intelligent remote control device (the forklift worker of the winding machine can complete the fully automatic packaging process without getting off the truck) 
4. Brand new automatic film welding mechanism (automatic film loading and film breaking, avoiding film falling during operation, high reliability, 99% success rate) 
5. Beautiful winding (regular package appearance, greatly improve product image) 
6. Schneider frequency converter (less wiring method, the failure rate is minimized)
BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd
Turntable diameter
Turntable height
Turntable load
Turntable speed
Machine power
Power supply voltage
Packing efficiency
20-30 torrhour
Packing height
Pallet specification
(600-1200)x(600-1200) LxW
Packing material
10-35um LDPE Stretch film 
Width of width
Mebrane core
76.2mm(3 inches)
Diameter of membrane roll
Membrane frame system
Simple pre-stretch membrane
Optional matching
Slope, topping, weighing, forklift, etc.
All sizes and Features of the equipment can be customized according to the actual payment request and requirements of the customer
BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd


Packing and delivery
BH Mortar Industrial Co., Ltd
2, Standard export packaging by container.
3, Big size equipment will be fixed by steel wire, spare parts will be packed into wooden boxes.
Shipping: by sea/ by land/ by air.
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