Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Pallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
Automatic wrapping machine is a kind of equipment for packing and fixing pallet goods, it provides stable protection and sealing by wrapping stretch film or polyethylene film tightly around the goods.
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Pallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping MachinePallet Stretch Wrapping Machine


What is pallet stretch wrapping machine?

1.   The automatic tray wrapping packaging machine is a packaging equipment that improves the level of product packaging.

2.   Automatic stretch pallet wrappers use stretch film to wrap goods loaded on pallets so that they cannot get wet or otherwise damaged.


Introduction of pallet stretch wrapping machine

1.   The automatic pallet wrapping machine is mainly used for container transportation of bulk goods and packaging of bulk pallets.

2.   The wrapping machine produced by BH has two types: Automatic stretch wrapping machine and cantilever wrapping machine. Customers can choose according to their needs.

3.   The automatic wrapping machine can improve logistics efficiency, reduce loss during transportation, and has the advantages of dustproof, moistureproof, and reduced packaging costs.

pallet stretch wrapping machine



Applications of pallet stretch wrapping machine

The automatic stretch pallet packaging machine can be used to wrap various materials in various industries such as wooden boxes, cartons, and packaging bags.

Applications of pallet stretch wrapping machine


Key features of pallet stretch wrapping machine

1.   Constant force film ejection system: to ensure that products of any shape can be packed easily. Figure 1).

2.   LCD touch operating system: the operation is intuitive and easy to understand. As shown in figure (2).

3.   Pressurizing device: prevent the scattering and displacement of the goods during the winding process. As shown in figure (3).

4.   Alarm system: Automatically send out an alarm when adjustment is required, so as to remind the staff to deal with it in time. As shown in figure (4).

5.   Siemens control system: Stable and reliable accessories create excellent quality as shown in (5).

6.   Automatic rope system: Roll up a circle of film rope and attach it to the pallet to fix the goods, ensuring that the goods will not slip out of the pallet during transportation. As shown in figure (6).

7.   Membrane base safety device: automatic spring anti-drop device, the safety device can protect the operator's head. As shown in (7).

8.   One-button remote control system: the machine is easy to operate. As shown in (8).

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Advantages of pallet stretch wrapping machine

1.   Durable all-metal body with an arc design for stability and heavy loads.

2.   Easy operation with remote control switch and automatic start for a complete packaging process.

3.   Intelligent remote control device enables fully automatic packaging without leaving the forklift.

4.   Innovative automatic film welding mechanism ensures reliable operation with high success rate.

5.   Produces aesthetically pleasing and neatly wrapped packages for an enhanced product image.

6.   Utilizes Schneider frequency converter for minimized wiring and reduced failure rate.

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Why choose BH pallet stretch wrapping machine

We have 6 core advantages:

advantages of BHcolumn type palletizer machine



Parameter /Model

Automatic stretch wrapping machine

Automatic cantilever wrapping machine

Packaging range

(500-1300)mm/(500-1200)mm/1800mm,2400mm optional

(500-1300)mm /(500-1200)mm/(500-1700) mm optional

Packaging efficiency

20-40 pallets/hour

60-70 pallets /hour

Turntable size

Diameter: 1500mm Height: 77mm


Turntable load-bearing

2000kg (max )




Cantilever speed:0-25rpm frequency conversion adjustable

Overall weight




2725 mm x1500 mm x2200 mm


Power supply

single-phase 220vAC/50Hz


Motor power

0.75kw for turntable, 0.37kw for column

cantilever 2.2kw, turntable 0.75kw, membrane frame 0.4kw, column 0.37kw, delivery 0.75kw/AC220V


Component/Working Principle




 Automatic stretch wrapping machine

 •   Main Frame: Made of strong metal material, providing stable support and frame.

 •   Control system: Used to set and adjust winding parameters, control the speed, tension and number of layers of the winding process.

 •   Wrapping Arm: Swivels around the cargo for wrapping.

 •   Film holder: Used to hold stretch film or polyethylene film to ensure that the film can be wrapped on the goods smoothly.

 •   Stretch system: Stretch the film to increase its tension and ensure it can fully wrap the cargo.

 •   Cutting device: Used to cut the stretch film to complete the wrapping process.

 •   Electrical components: Including motors, sensors, switches and cables, etc., used to control and drive various parts of the automatic wrapping machine.

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 Automatic cantilever wrapping machine

 •   Cantilever system: Cantilever automatic reset, high-sensitivity emergency braking system

 •   Pre-stretching film frame system: Pre-stretching can reach 300%, automatic film feeding, film feeding speed is adjustable

 •   Film cutter: Automatic clamping, cutting off the stretch film, realizing unmanned operation

 •   Lifting column: Double chain structure, frequency conversion adjustable lifting speed

 •   Conveyor system: Conveyor line height: 500-550mm, Conveyor line speed: 18m/min, Conveyor line load: 2000kg

 •   Control system: PLC control, adjustable winding layers and times, automatic sensing of cargo height

 •   Safety protection: Eye-catching flashing safety warning and protective net (optional), photoelectric protection for incoming and outgoing goods.

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