New type automatic pneumatic valve packing machine

New type automatic pneumatic valve packing machineNew type automatic pneumatic valve packing machineNew type automatic pneumatic valve packing machineNew type automatic pneumatic valve packing machine
BH company focus on building materials, chemicals, pigments and other powder valve bag packaging for more than 27 years.
We are a high-quality manufacturer of complete valve bag automatic quantitative packaging and palletizing production lines in China.
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New type automatic pneumatic valve packing machineNew type automatic pneumatic valve packing machineNew type automatic pneumatic valve packing machineNew type automatic pneumatic valve packing machine
Introduction of New Type Automatic Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine

1. BHS-50C automatic packaging machine is a new type of pneumatic valve packaging equipment.

2. The fully automatic packaging machine produced by our company adopts international leading technology and has completely independent intellectual property rights.

3. It adopts the airflow feeding control structure, equipped with high-precision weighing sensor, and the secondary feeding is precisely controlled to ensure the weighing speed and accuracy.

4. It is widely used in automatic metering and filling of various dry powder and granular materials. It can be configured on the dry mortar production line and used for the packing of dry mortar.

5.  BH automatic pneumatic valve port packaging machine adopts new design and high-quality accessories, which is the best choice for you to purchase packaging machine.

New Type Automatic Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine


Application of New Type Automatic Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine

The automatic pneumatic valve packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of powdery and granular materials with a particle size of less than 8mm and good fluidity.

Applications can be categorized as follows:

1.  Construction Industry: Dry Mortar, Cement sand mix, Ore fine powder.

2.  Mining and Mineral Industry: Ore, Mineral powder.

3.  Food Industry: Rice, Flour, Starch, Cassava flou, Grains, Corncob, Cereals, Beans, Pulses, Bird seeds, Maize meal, Bean starch, Tapioca starch.

4.  Animal Feed Industry: Animal feeds, Cat litter, Animal food.

5.  Others: Seeds, Plastic pellets, Wood pellets, Sand, Chemical powder, PVC powder, Copper powder, Charcoal.

This is not an exhaustive list, and the machine's applications can extend to other materials as well.

Features of New Type Automatic Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine

Aiming at the pain points in the filling process, our company has developed a series of patented technologies to ensure that the filling process is efficient, accurate, stable and environmentally friendly.

1.  High weighing accuracy: Our packaging machine is equipped with CAS high-precision weighing instrument imported from Korea, which has stronger anti-interference ability and the weighing accuracy rate is as high as 99.9%.

2.  High packaging precision: a pressure holding chamber with a pneumatic butterfly valve is installed on the top of the feeding end to ensure ultra-high packaging precision.

3.  Efficient and stable filling: The discharge nozzle adopts the instant closed air bag technology and high-pressure high-speed vacuum suction technology to carry out dust-free and efficient filling of materials.

4.  Patented technology reduces equipment wear and tear: Adopting the world's leading low-pressure pulse air-flotation conveying technology, energy-saving and efficient conveying of materials makes the range of filling materials wider, especially suitable for packaging highly abrasive materials.

5.  Easy to operate: Pneumatic lifting plate is used, which is more convenient for switching between large and small packages.

6.  Easy to maintain and repair:The control cabinet is supported by gas springs, which is convenient for daily maintenance and repair.

7.  An integrated design:The base is equipped with an internal cleaning and dust collection device.

8.  One-stop professional customization:

(1) Corresponding conveyor belts and empty bag holders can be configured, and the belt can be equipped with a plastic bag sorting device and a bag pushing device to effectively avoid the phenomenon of overlapping bags.

(2) Ultrasonic instantaneous heating sealing technology and multi-link automatic bag pushing technology are optional to ensure that the finished product packaging is neatly packed.

(3) Palletizing robots and automatic inkjet printers are optional, and packaging, palletizing, and inkjet printing lines can be established to greatly improve efficiency.

New type automatic pneumatic packing machine
Display of BH New Type Automatic Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine
automatic maganese powder packing machine
Packing materials max particle size ≤7mm
Weighing mode single nozzle double nozzle three nozzle
Weighing range 15~50Kg/bag adjustable
Weighing precision 99.9%
Packing speed 250~400 bags/hour 350~700 bags/hour 500~1000 bags/hour
Bags type Valve bag
Air source pressure 0.5MPa
Working temperature -20℃~45℃ 
Voltage AC220V 50Hz or customized
Power 0.1KW 0.2 KW 0.3 KW
Air consumption 0.7m3/min 1.4 m3/min 2.1m3/min
Overall dimension 650x1270x2000 1300x1270x1600 1300x1270x2000 1950x1270x2000
Equipment weight  ≈600Kg ≈1200 Kg ≈1800 Kg


Component/Working Principle
Working Principle of New Type Automatic Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine

1. Compressed air drive:The automatic packing machine is suitable for the packing of powder or fine particles with good fluidity (≤7mm) by using compressed air as the driven source.

2. Fluidized conveying material:The compressed air passes through the atomizer (air cushion) to fluidize the material in the closed container to achieve the conveying and feeding.

3. Two-stroke cylinder discharge :  Sealing system adopted pneumatic rubber valve to control the feeding amount by controlling the flow area of the valve to achieve effective and stable packaging precision and speed.

Working Principle of New Type Automatic Pneumatic Valve Packing Machine
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