Jamboo bag packing machine

Jamboo bag packing machineJamboo bag packing machineJamboo bag packing machine

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Jamboo bag packing machineJamboo bag packing machineJamboo bag packing machine
Introduction of Jamboo Bag Packing Machine

1.  BH automatic Ton/Jamboo big bag packing machine is suitable for large bag packaging of powder and granular materials. 

2.  This packing machine utilizes the latest technology and features functions such as stepless speed regulation and high precision.

3.  BH Ton/Jamboo bag packing machine is widely used in chemical, building materials, minerals, grain, feed, fertilizer, metallurgy, steel and other industries.


Applications of Jamboo Bag Packing Machine

1.  This type packing machine can be use for any type of jumbo bags, weighing range 200kg ~2000kg per bag adjustable.

2.  It widely used in industries such as chemical, building materials, minerals, grain, feed, fertilizer, metallurgy, steel, and more.

Applications can be categorized as follows

1.  Construction Industry: Dry Mortar, Cement sand mix, Ore fine powder.

2.  Mining and Mineral Industry: Ore, Mineral powder.

3.  Food Industry: Rice, Flour, Starch, Cassava flou, Grains, Corncob, Cereals, Beans, Pulses, Maize meal, Bean starch, Tapioca starch.

4.  Animal Feed Industry: Animal feeds, Cat litter, Animal food.

5.  Others: Seeds, Plastic pellets, Wood pellets, Sand, Chemical powder, PVC powder, Copper powder, Charcoal.

This is not an exhaustive list, and the machine's applications can extend to other materials as well.

Other specific applications welcome your consultation.

Applications of Jamboo Bag Packing Machine



Features of Jamboo bag packing machine

 1.  High packaging efficiency:  

 •    Enables efficient packaging of large bags, suitable for handling bulk quantities of powders and granular materials.

 •    It automates bag hanging, fixation, filling, weighing, and sealing processes, significantly improving packaging efficiency.

 2.  Precise metering: High-precision packaging is ensured by the following devices:

 •    Equipped with a high-precision weighing sensor to accurately measure the weight of materials.

 •    The speed and output power of the motor are adjusted by the frequency converter, and then the feeding speed is controlled.

 3.  Multi-functional operation:

 •    Incorporates automatic feeding, electrical and pneumatic control systems, and dust removal device.

 4.  High level of automation:

 •    Automatically completes all steps of the packaging process, except for bag hanging, according to the predefined workflow.

 •    Reducing the need for manual intervention.

Jamboo bag packing machine 

Advantages of BH Jamboo Bag Packing Machine Compared to Other Manufacturers

1.  Automatic bag decoupling, no need for manual bag decoupling.

2.  Stepless speed regulation by frequency converter to ensure packaging accuracy.

3.  Control System: Self-developed software program incorporates IOT technology for remote equipment debugging.

4.  Environmental protection: Dust removal channels can be configured to minimize dust spillage and improve environmental cleanliness.

5.  Reliable and Stable: Using advanced technology and reliable components, it can run stably for a long time.


Successful  Pojects of Jamboo Bag Packing Machine

Successful  Pojects of Jamboo Bag Packing Machine


Product name Big bag packing machine/ bulk bag packing machine/ jumbo bag packaging machine
Packing speed 15-30bags/hour
Weighing range 200kg ~2000kg per jumbo bag
Packing materials max particle size: ≤60mm
Feeding mechanism Belt feeder / screw feeder / gravity feeder
Precision ≤±0.1%
Voltage Ac380V、220V、50Hz/60Hz、 or customize


Component/Working Principle

Components of Jamboo bag packing machine

It mainly consists of automatic feeding system, electrical control system, automatic weighing system, pneumatic control system, bag hanging and bag holding device and dust removal device.


Introduction to The Workflow of Jamboo Bag Packing Machine

The workflow of the Ton Bag Packing Machine showcases its high level of automation, enabling fast and accurate packaging while reducing the need for manual intervention.

1.  Bag Hanging: Operator hangs bag on the machine for packaging preparation.

2.  Automatic Fixation: Machine secures bag in place for stability.

3.  Automatic Feeding: Precise control of material dosage for accurate metering.

4.  Automatic Weighing: Accurate measurement of material weight during feeding.

5.  Automatic Filling: Material is filled into the bag with proper density and uniformity.

6.  Automatic bag conveying:  The Jamboo bags are sent out through the conveyor after bag filling.

7.  Automatic Dust Removal: Effective control of dust generation and dispersion.

8.  Automatic Completion: Machine releases fixation device, and operator retrieves the finished packaged bag.

9.  Automatic Code Printing.

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