3-4T/H Small Dry Mortar Plant

3-4T/H Small Dry Mortar Plant3-4T/H Small Dry Mortar Plant

The simple dry mortar plant has the characteristics of small footprint, low investment, short installation and commissioning time, and low labor consumption.

In addition, the output of the simple dry mix is relatively low, which is suitable for purchase at the initial investment.


3-4T/H Small Dry Mortar Plant3-4T/H Small Dry Mortar Plant

Introduction of 3-4T/H Simple Dry Mortar Plant

1.  BHR2000 simple dry mortar plant is usually composed of a single dry mixer, two screw conveyor, finished product storage tank, automatic packaging machine, control cabinet and dedust system(optional).

2.  BH simple dry mortar plant has automatic mixing and packaging functions, 15~50kg/bag, adjustable, and the output is 3-4 tons per hour.

3.  Mixing time: 10-15min per batch, depends on formula.


Applications of 3-4T/H Simple Dry Mortar Plant

3-4T/H Simple Dry Mortar Plant widely used in production of below dry mortar:

1.  Binding mortar: tile adhesive, joint mixture, Special adhesive mortar for thermal insulation composite system, etc.

2.  Plastering mortar: exterior wall coating mortar, putty, color decoration mortar, thermal insulation mortar, etc.

3.  Masonry mortar: ordinary masonry mortar, Special thin mortar for concrete block, thermal insulation masonry mortar, etc.

4.  Floor mortar: ordinary floor mortar, Self-leveling mortar, etc.

5.  Special mortar: repair mortar, waterproof mortar, hardening powder, etc.


Features of 3-4T/H Simple Dry Mortar Plant

 1.  Compact equipment: Covers a small area, less investment, easy installation and layout.

 2.  Suitable for small-scale production: Low height(≤3.5m), ordinary houses usable as factory, solves the height issue.

 3.  Suitable for various formulations: Capable of producing different mortar formulations.

 4.  Easy operation: User-friendly interface, simple operation, reduced training costs.

 5.  Environmentally friendly: The whole line is equipped with a dust removal system to minimize dust leakage.

 6.  Customizable: Can be tailored to specific requirements and equipment configurations.

 7.  Easy maintenance: Convenient equipment maintenance and upkeep, minimizes downtime.

Features of 3-4T/H Simple Dry Mortar Plant


Advantages of BH 3-4T/H Simple Dry Mortar Plant Compared to Other Manufacturers

1.  Design Standards: Exceeds industry standards, ensuring product quality control from the machine design stage.

2.  Production Standards: Adopts British standards for manufacturing, offering equipment with better wear resistance and durability.

3.  Convenient Service: Arranges on-site installation and commissioning by local technical teams, facilitating customer communication,response quickly.


Successful Projects of BH 3-4T/H Simple Dry Mortar Plant

Successful Projects of BH Simple Dry Mortar Plant



Dry Mortar Plant

Structure Type

Mixer Model






Batching and packaging






  Simple Dry Mortar Production Line
Simple dry mix plant


(horizontal ribbon)


1-4t/h  18kw  Manual batching & Automatic packaging  20m² 3.2m   ≥3 
Improved simple dry mortar plant BHE2000 2m³ 4-5t/h 35.5kw Manual batching & Automatic packaging 20m² 4.2m ≥3
  Workshop Type Dry Mortar Production Line
tile grout manufacturing machine BHE2000 2m³ 5-8t/h 47kw Manual batching & Automatic packaging 30m² 6m ≥3

cement glue and waterproof mortar making machine
BHSW2000 2m³ 10-15t/h 60-80kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging 50-60m² 9m ≥4
BHSW3000 3m³ 15-25t/h 80-110kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging 60-80m² 9.5m ≥4
BHSW4000 4m³ 25-35t/h 100-150kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging 80-100m² 10m ≥4
  Tower Type Dry Mortar Production Line
masonry mortar plant BHSW4000 4m³ 35-45t/h 140-170kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging 120-180m² 25m ≥4
BHSW6000 6m³ 35-75t/h 150-180kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging ≥300m² 35m ≥4
BHSW10000 10m³ 80-120t/h 160-200kw Automatic batching & Automatic packaging ≥300m² 35m ≥4


Component/Working Principle

Working Principle of Simple Dry Mortar Plant

Workflow of Simple Dry Mortar Plant

Flow Chart of Simple Dry Mortar Plant

1.  Raw Material Preparation: Prepare all the necessary raw materials required for mortar production.


2.  Batching and Weighing: Manually weigh and batch various raw materials and additives according to the formula(mixing ratio). Feed them in batches through the feeding inlet.


3.  Mixing: The manually weighed raw materials are transferred to the horizontal mixer through the screw conveyor, and mixing into a high uniform dry powder mortar by the mixer.


4.  Packaging: The thoroughly mixed dry mortar is conveyed by the screw conveyor to the finished product tank, and then falls into the automatic packaging machine for automatic filling and bagging.

Flow Chart of Simple Dry Mortar Plant


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