Automatic valve packing machine

Automatic valve packing machineAutomatic valve packing machine

As a professional impeller valve port packaging machine manufacturer, we are committed to providing high-quality and reliable packaging solutions.


Our impeller valve port packaging machine adopts advanced technology and innovative design, which can be widely used in automatic packaging of powder, granule and granular materials.


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Automatic valve packing machineAutomatic valve packing machine
Introduction of Automatic Valve Packing Machine

1. BHS-50C automatic packaging machine is a new type of quantitative pneumatic valve packaging equipment.

2. Our company has a number of patented technologies. The fully automatic packaging machine produced adopts international leading technology and has completely independent intellectual property rights.

3. It adopts the airflow feeding control structure, equipped with high-precision weighing sensor, and the secondary feeding is precisely controlled to ensure the weighing speed and accuracy.

4. It is widely used in automatic metering and filling of various dry powder and granular materials. It can be configured on the dry powder mortar production line and used for the packaging of dry powder mortar.


Application of Automatic Valve Packing Machine

The impeller valve port packaging machine is suitable for materials less than 5mm.

BH valve port packing machine is applicable in following materials: granular material, powder material, compound material.

BH valve port packing machine widely used in industries such as chemical, building materials, minerals, grain, feed, fertilizer, metallurgy, steel, and more.

Applications can be categorized as follows:

1.  Construction Industry: Dry Mortar, Cement sand mix, Ore fine powder.

2.  Mining and Mineral Industry: Ore, Mineral powder.

3.  Food Industry: Rice, Flour, Starch, Cassava flou, Grains, Corncob, Cereals, Beans, Pulses, Bird seeds, Maize meal, Bean starch, Tapioca starch.

4.  Animal Feed Industry: Animal feeds, Cat litter, Animal food.

5.  Others: Seeds, Plastic pellets, Wood pellets, Sand, Chemical powder, PVC powder, Copper powder, Charcoal.

This is not an exhaustive list, and the machine's applications can extend to other materials as well.

Other specific applications welcome your consultation.

Applications of Automatic Open Mouth Packing Machine
Features of Automatic Valve Packing Machine

BH automatic disc packing machine is a newly developed and improved model, which is different from other manufacturers.

1.  High precision: We have improved the measurement and sensing system, using advanced pressure sensors, greatly improving the life and precision of the packaging machine.

2.  Smooth filling: We have improved the design of the filling nozzle and added a "air return nozzle" design, so that the excess gas in the bag can be discharged during the filling process, making the filling process smoother.

3.  Cost effective: New design, less wearing parts, lower maintenance costs, and higher product efficiency.

4.  High degree of automation: Realize automatic bag clamping, bag filling, bag opening, bag closing, bag spreading, etc., with stable performance and simple operation (adapted to valve bags, workers only need to put bags at the mouth).

5.  Environmental protection: This automatic packaging machine is fully sealed, with a dust removal port, reasonable structure, durable, and truly realizes green production.

Successful Projects of Automatic Valve Packing Machine
Successful Projects of Automatic Valve Packing Machine


Weighing type: Single Nozzle
weighing range:  15 ~ 50 kg/bag
Packing materials max particle size: ≤5mm
weighing accuracy: 99.8%
weighing speed:  5~7ton/hour
Applicable Bag Valve bag
Power: 3kw; 380/220/VAC  50HZ/60HZ; Customized
Air Pressure 0.5MPa
working environment: temperature: - 20 ° C ~  45 ° C


Component/Working Principle

Components of Automatic Valve Packing Machine

The main components of the automatic valve packing machine are as follows:

Components of Automatic Valve Packing Machine


Working Process of Automatic Valve Packing Machine

Overview of the working process of the automatic valve packing machine:

1.   Feeding and starting: After the material enters the valve port packaging machine, the operator inserts the bag and activates the limit switch.

2.   Unloading signal: The unloading signal is transmitted to the control instrument, and the solenoid valve starts automatically.

3.   Impeller discharge: Through the action of the cylinder, the discharge nozzle is opened, and the high-speed impeller continuously fills the material into the bag.

4.   Weight checking: When the bag weight reaches the set amount, the sensor will transmit the signal to the control instrument, and the filling will be stopped automatically.

5.   Filling  complete: The bag presser is released and the bag drops softly.

The entire filling process is controlled through electrical integration. Apart from manual bag insertion, all other processes can be completed automatically, including the opening and closing of the bag press, discharge nozzle, material filling, weighing and measuring, and bag dropping.


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