Three Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer

Three Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer

Three cylinder rotary sand dryers adopt the latest energy saving technology with embedded type structure. Inner cylinder, middle cylinder and outer cylinder form a self insulation structure. Thermal insulation material and stainless steel plate covered the drum, which effectively reduce heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency. 

Three Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand DryerThree Cylinder Rotary Sand Dryer
Description of three cylinder rotary sand dryer:
Through years of continuous development with the science and technology oriented, BH has made a new breakthrough in the field of rotary dryer, the successful development of the fifth generation of three-cylinder rotary drum dryer with good reputation in the industry, it save coal consumption of USD80,000-120,000 for users annually. The large size of the slag three cylinder drum dryer saves coal consumption USD150,000-300,000 every year.  The relevant crusher and grinding machine is also widely used in mining, road, coal, power and other industries. 

BH Three cylinder rotary sand dryer used in dry mortar plant:
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Work Job Site:
rotary drum sand dryer industrial dryer machine
This three cylinder rotary drum dryer is mainly used for drying all granular, good fluidity and non-vicious materials as the sand, fly ash, metal slag, quartz stone, marble powder, gypsum, clay, building materials and in industry of blast furnace slag cement, etc. 
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1. It adopt latest anti-wear technology with thicker materials,greatly improve the service life.
2, Low fuel consumption. Power consumption is lower 40% than traditional dryer.
3, The fuel can be coal, oil, natural gas etc, dry mass and granule and
   powder material. 
4, Unique design in constructure with patent right. No air leakage phenomenon,
   solved the sealing difficulties. 
5, It use roller wheel transmission instead of gear transmission to prolong the dryer
   service life.
6, Discharge temperature ≤ 60 degrees , which can be directly go to storage silo,
   no need for cooling.
7, Outer barrel temperature ≤60 degrees, exhaust smoke temperature < 120
   degrees which enable dust removal bag prolonged service time more than 2 times.
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BH Sand Dryer Successful Projects:
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Model Cylinder
Capacity (t/h) Motor 
Coal consumption(kg/t) Weight(Ton)
slag Fly ash sand
BHS623 1.8 2.2 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 1-3 1-3 3-5 4 7 8
BHS625 2.2 2.6 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 4-7 3-4 5-8 5.5 7 14
BHS6210 2.6 3.1 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 10-13 5-8 10-15 7.5 7 17
φ2.0×6 2 6 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 20-25 10-17 20-27 7.5×2 7 25
φ2.5×6.5 2.5 6.5 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 25-30 17-21 25-40 11×2 7 32
φ2.7×7 2.7 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 30-35 20-25 27-45 7.5×4 7 35
φ3.0×7 3 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 35-40 23-27 30-45 7.5×4 7 38
φ3.2×7 3.2 7 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 40-45 25-30 35-50 11×4 7 43
φ3.6×8 3.6 8 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 50-65 30-45 55-75 15×4 7 57
φ4.2×8.5 4.2 8.5 3-10 6-25 ≤0.5 750-900 70-85 45-63 75-99 18.5×4 7 77



Component/Working Principle

Working principle of three cylinder rotary drum sand dryer: 

1. The three cylinder rotary drum dryer in scientific and compact design. The material at internal cylinder make heat exchange with hot air flow in form of radiation, convection and conduction. The heat exchange at the outer cylinder in conduction and convection both. With this flow, the three cylinder rotary drum dryer has high thermal efficiency and remarkable energy-saving effect.


2. The material and hot air flow comply with drying process, which enable the dryer in wide range application on drying clay, coal, slag, iron powder and other raw materials in metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments. Three cylinder rotary drum dryer with compact structure in horizontal layout, and improved using supporting wheel instead of traditional gear drive to simply equipment installation and operation, high output efficiency with reliable performance.


3. The external surface area of the three cylinder rotary dryer is reduced by more than 30% than that of the single cylinder rotary dryer, and the outer cylinder kept thermal insulation on the inner cylinder, thus the outer cylinder surface temperature is low and less heat loss, this greatly improving the working environment and working conditions.


4. A variety design used on lifting plate to guarantee the material and heat air exchange completely and reduce the dryer cylinder inside the "wind tunnel" space.


5. Adopt frequency control system to realize adjust the cylinder speed according to the input moisture and capacity to ensure that meet the needs of the next process.

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