Bulk Storage Bolted Silo

Bulk Storage Bolted SiloBulk Storage Bolted Silo

Our innovative bulk storage silo design provides a highly efficient and reliable solution for storing bulk materials.

With a focus on quality, durability, and advanced technology, our silos are designed to meet the diverse storage needs of various industries.


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Bulk Storage Bolted SiloBulk Storage Bolted Silo

Introduction of Bulk Storage Bolted Silo

1.  BH Bulk storage silo is designed for storing bulk materials as grains, cement, sand, powder and fly ash, slag, chemicals, fine ore, feeds, etc.

2.  The sheet silo in bolted type and modular production, which is easy for transport and installation.


Applications of Bulk Storage Bolted Silo

1.  Cement Storage: Reliable storage solution for construction projects.

2.  Grain Storage: Secure and efficient storage for wheat, corn, rice, etc.

3.  Mineral Storage: Preserves limestone, gypsum, coal, and other minerals.

4.  Feed Storage: Organized storage for animal feed on farms.

5.  Chemical Storage: Safe and controlled storage for various chemicals.

6.  Wood Pellet Storage: Ideal for storing eco-friendly wood pellets.


Features of Bulk Storage Bolted Silo

1.  Ample Storage Capacity: Our bulk storage silo provides a large storage capacity with different volume from 60 Ton to 2000 Ton based on needs.

2.  Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, our bulk storage silo ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

3.  Efficient Material Handling: The design of our storage silo enables easy loading and unloading of materials, optimizing your operational efficiency.

4.  Dust removal equipment: In the upper part, prevents dust leakage.

5.  Arch breaking device: In the lower part, prevents material agglomeration for smooth powder discharge.

6.  Uniquely reinforced top for waterproof: Moisture-proof, environmentally friendly, and reliable operation.

Bulk Storage Bolted Silo


Successful Cases of BHM Bulk Storage Bolted Silo
bulk storage bolted sheet silo
Model Silo Diameter Silo Body Height Volume 
BS60 3000 mm 5000 mm 60 Ton
BS80 3000 mm 8520 mm 80 Ton
BS100 3000 mm 12500 mm 100 Ton
BS200 4000 mm 10500 mm 200 Ton
BS300 5500 mm 8200 mm 300 Ton
BS500 6000 mm 12000 mm 500 Ton
BS500 7000 mm 9100 mm 500 Ton
BS1000 8000 mm 13500 mm 1000 Ton
BS1500 10000 mm 12000 mm 1500 Ton
BS2000 13000 mm  8500 mm 2000 Ton
Component/Working Principle

Advanced Structure of BHM Bulk Storage Bolted Silo

Detachable sheet bulk storage silos

Reliable sealing structure

  1.  Easy for transportation and installation.

  2.  Save transportation cost. 

  3.  Shorten the installation period. 

  4.  Easy for disassembling and can be used in recycling. 


  1.  Special sealing strip been compacted from 5 mm into 1 mm after bolted.

  2.  Strong elasticity to make all possible aperture fill compaction.

  3.  Stand high temperature at 200 - degree. 

  4.  Maintain long-time sealing effect in the wild.

  5.  Excellent performance on avoid moisture infiltration.

Bulk Storage Bolted Silo

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