In May 24,Our dry mortar plant has been shipped

June 24, 2019

On the 24th of this month, We finished the production of semi automatic dry mortar plant. Customers also check the products in factory and are very satisfied with the products. After two days of hard work, we have finished packed and shipped semi automatic dry mortar production line. Now, the equipment on its way to our customer's working site.

This semi automatic dry mortar plant is mainly composed of BHE2000 twin shaft agravic paddle mixer (with fly cut), finished product holding tank, packaging machine, bucket elevator, dust collector, air compressor system, control system, etc. Workers can feedvarious materials into the bin, under the automatic control system, this production line can realize automation in collecting, feeding, filling and packing. It can be easily upgraded into automatic dry mortar plant in future, by only adding raw material storage system, automatic weighing system, and premix hold tank.It is the ideal selection for set up a dry mortar factory with reasonable price and quick refund.

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