How to improve the pulp strength of ordinary cement configuration

June 05, 2023
Methods for improving the strength of ordinary cements include (1) using water reducing agents to reduce the water-to-gel ratio. (2) Use active admixtures, such as silica fume, nanometer, metakaolin, zeolite powder, blast furnace slag, etc. (3) Use special fibers. (4) Add antifoaming agent, wetting agent, etc.
In addition to these technical measures, is there any way to significantly increase the strength of the pulp system?
1. The cement paste experiment should be used to test the strength of cement in the cement process. Generally these things cannot be used. If it is added, it is estimated that it is made of similar materials as grouting cement. Mainly water reducing agent, and the amount of water reducing agent is relatively large, you can consider using some fly ash sinker, the effect is said to be obvious.
2. The main source of strength is ordinary silicon cement. If you want to increase the strength on the basis of the original ordinary silicon cement, you must introduce new raw materials, such as sulphur aluminum and high alumina cement, high strength aggregates, such as quartz sand, silicon carbide Even iron sand, there are early-strength admixtures such as water reducing agents, calcium formate, yuanming powder and so on.
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